The Edmund F. Maxwell Foundation

History and Funding of Edmund F. Maxwell Foundation

Edmund F. Maxwell’s will provided for the formation of the Edmund F. Maxwell Foundation to grant scholarships to students from Western Washington including Seattle and the Puget Sound Area to enable them to attend private colleges and universities. The Edmund F. Maxwell Foundation was funded from the assets remaining in Mr. Maxwell’s estate after providing for his two sisters during their lives. The trust dictates that students not be selected on the basis of scholarship alone and allows the Trustees of the Foundation broad discretion to consider other factors that the Trustees consider relevant. In addition to academic performance and financial need, the Trustees typically consider a range of other factors including the character and leadership demonstrated by applicants and their commitment to and achievement in outside activities such as music, sports, public service, charity, community involvement, the arts and science.

Mr. Maxwell’s bequest to the Edmund F. Maxwell Foundation and the earnings and growth of the investments made with his bequest are the sole sources of funding for the Edmund F. Maxwell Foundation.

Biography of Edmund F. Maxwell

Edmund F. Maxwell was born in Anaconda, Montana, in 1897. His family soon moved to Seattle, where he graduated from Broadway High School in Seattle and the University of Washington.

He served in the United States Navy during World War I and returned to the University of Washington to study law. In the early 1920's, Mr. Maxwell entered the securities business. From 1945 until his retirement in 1962, he managed the Seattle office of Blyth & Co. He was instrumental in developing it into the premier investment firm in the region. He died in 1968.

Mr. Maxwell remained single, but was very attentive to and supportive of young people beginning their careers.

Mr. Maxwell's success and achievements in the private, free enterprise system were a result of intelligence, hard work and a keen sense of humor that were nurtured with the support of parents, teachers, mentors, friends and the community.